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The “Bareun Sash,” well-built and perfect!


Maximized insulation by installing Mohair


Dark Brown furnish inside the both rails in sash

With adding modern feeling, it provides snow & rain resistant for easy maintenance


by precision molding, easy opening due to less friction


High durability with large coverage of non-exerted bug net


Simplifying the Measurement Simplifying the Measurement We increased the manufacturing efficiency by simplifying the Window measurement, which were previously manufactured by different BF types, and reducing 20% of production cost.
Ponding-proof design Ponding-proof design Our products are designed to drain rain or snow quicker than previous BG (frame) products. With additional 2mm inner-profile, it prevents helps draining rain or snow after the installation.
Non-collision due to Precisely Measured Products Non-collision due to Precisely Measured Products We, ShinYang Chemical inc., designed our products with 2mm wider MV to prevent the chance of mismeasurement during the welding of windows to avoid any collision due to misalignment.
Lightweight with High-Quality Raw Materials Lightweight with High-Quality Raw Materials By using high-quality raw materials, our products maintain their shape in all seasons with minimized temperature reaction
Structural Stability and Convenience Structural Stability and Convenience By installing the bug net in depth, our products have higher strutural stability. Also, they are easy to open for anyone. With Mohair installation, “Bareun Sash” maximized the insulation and furnished the interior of rail with Dark Brown color for easier cleaning.